5 Minutes Strong-STAPLE

Under microscope again. Are you my family or friend? Good intentions, I’ll accept it, but these are unqualified judgments. 5 minutes strong and you’ve known me life long. 5 minutes strong. You’ve known me five minutes and my life is slipping, So tell me about my life because the clock is ticking. My first impression is all I’ll give. Take it and run. I know the deeds I’ve done. The prayers of the righteous availeth much, Much more than their "guiding" touch. Have you ever been faithful when you’re under fire? Shunned, but still remained the martyr? Is this the integrity that you seek? Experience it, please, before you speak. Thank you for being there for me, in all honesty. But could it be that my heart bleeds with the same sincerity? I love when I’m feeling tall as I smile at the crowd that claims my fall. I love when I’m feeling tall, because I stood up through it all. [[Category:Christian_Hard_rock]]

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