A Reason To Scream-TAKE IT BACK!

I spend my time only wishing I could come up with clever words strung together to make you feel how I wish I could feel Apathy grips me hard I lie awake at night wishing I could feel something more than nothing But still I settle for mediocrity time and time again just so I don’t have to try and feel Anything new Anything different Anything new Anything at all This time I hope it’s different This time I hope I change ‘Cause for once I feel sick Sick of the same old nothing For once I’ll have a reason to scream Apathy won’t silence me This is the end of nothing After all is said and done At the end of the day I know I will have to make the choice To try and feel So I will look past myself And stop waiting for the world to change around me. [[Category:TAKE IT BACK!]] [[Category:Christian_metalcore]]

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