Another lonesome night. A room full of emptiness. Darkness engulfing me, I can’t handle the pain. Helpless my new name, I have no family. No one tells the truth, I’ve got nothing left and nowhere to run. It’s suicide. A complex task. Self-decision pre-constructed doom, Its not your time to go. I don’t belong, So I will die. Self sacrifice for I hate living, I should die. (I should die!) Now there’s no return, To my once sad smile. Too many steps too far, And now I’ve lost my way. I’m just asking you to listen, I haven’t got a lot to say. I just need a friend, I’m so alone and so afraid. Remember when you said you’d always hold my hand? We’d be a family forever. Now where did everyone go? I’ve reached my breaking point I feel it’s time to go, Has God forgotten me? What happened to fair and what happened to me? [[Category:Dogwood]]

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