All These Questions-Mad At The World

Is the light of Heaven shining bright or slightly fading? Say it to me once again; I can’t hear what you’re saying, Jesus, can you hear me when I’m on my knees and praying? And the pain from the strain in my brain makes me feel, sometimes, like I’ve gone insane…but faith in you love is the answer to all these questions. Did you see me searching everywhere to know your leading? Is it sad to see me cry or watch me as I’m bleeding? Can you hear those desperate cries of dying people pleading? Yes, I believe that you care for this world and the needs of people everywhere, My faith in you love is the answer to all these questions. And when this world gets me down, and the clouds of confusion try to hang around, my faith in you love is the answer, yeah. Yes, I know the rules you taught me – yeah, sometimes I break them, And if I need excuses for the times I fall, I’ll make them, And nobody but you would ever know; the others, I can fake them. So I go on my knees, praying, "Please," – it’s the only way things change in me, My faith in your love is the answer, God is the answer. [[Category:Mad At The World]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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