Alone In Suicide-BLOODGOOD

Who cares, who weeps? All is lost and the sickle reaps Blank eyes look deep, love and hope crumble to the feet I don’t care if I’ve made my mark on this angry world That’s left me in the dark! Just cut a message on my stone, "I want to be alone" (I wanna die!) Feel the knots twisting inside As I look to the bullets to be my guide In a razor’s edge should I confide To open my veins and bleed them dry Oh, the endless pressure, how can I cope? I try to release but the valves are broke A psychotic grasp upon my throat I wanna hang the rope! Death you feel is your friend As it calls from the black unknown Voices hounding at your mind echo to the bone… Alone in Suicide I used to honor my day of birth Cherish life and place it first But now I view it as a curse Dig my grave and rent the hearse! Yes, every morning I take a walk That leads me trapped in an empty box A liar’s face and the voice that mocks I want to stop the clock! Salvation calls (to the lonely) On the abused (redemption falls) God have his all (that you might know him) Tear down the walls! What have you got to lose? Salvation calls to all of the lonely people Tear down the walls, you’ve been abused God gave his all to all of the lonely people He stretched out his arms and died for you! [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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