I’ve heard it said All the best things are free,
But it seems all good things have a price,
Your love is more Than I deserve to receive,
And Your love wants no less than my life,
But as You lead me by the hand,
I’ve begun to understand You are always good,
Always knowing,
Always loving,
always; And though I can’t see cleary Where we’re going,
I know You’re always good,
always. When I was a child,
I thought like a child,
And life seemed so simple to me,
Now I have grown,
And I’ve come to know,
That I live in endless mystery,
But as I search to find the truth,
I keep finding more of You You are always good,
Always knowing,
Always loving,
always- And in my finest hour Or my darkest moment,
I know You’re good,
always So when my life is full of trouble,
Still my heart will know Your peace,
‘Cause You’re forever faithful,
Holding me throughout eternity You are always

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