he line that we’ve been made to stand in is stretched on the horizon strung together with the hooks of rules we can’t decide on fed on crumbs in patient hopes that the world might be convinced of us and if we can all vote one way we’ll force them into holiness the world has become frustrated with a fake Jesus because of the darkness that his followers bring we want to demolish that sad parody and show the world the true King of kings we want more out of God’s love than only loving those who love us we want to truly love the way of he who is above us we want more out of our lives than the American dream can offer she offers only scraps from the table of the rich white men that bought her we want the truth that sets us free not freedom bought with guns we want the everlasting truth no war can ever make undone we want to live for the King of kings not the kings of armies and men we want a freedom on which no place of birth will ever depend we can smile and stand in line but we won’t lift our hands to pledge allegiance to a flag or to a piece of land non-violent non-resistance, sworn to honor our true King anarchy! i’m just a man but so are you whoever wears the royal crest are these kings the best that we can do? or a necessary evil for ordering a royal mess? we want to demolish this sad parody tear down the flags of every nation and then let freedom ring! [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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