[-A beggar attempts to guide the boy back to the path of hope and truth.] A beggar with faith, I see. But as I can tell, you have lost everything. So what makes you keep believing? What keeps you from giving? Tell me now, because I need it more than ever! “I know with all that has gone away, you’d think that I would be filled with hate. The things I’ve witnessed are examples of How reality’s gear turns us. If we face reality, that’s when we’ll feel true. And with that, you will be able to find the truth.” So was it meant to be? To see the things I have seen? To lose what comforted me? “I’ve been in your position; given up on myself before What you can’t forget is everything happens for a reason. It’s hard to keep that in mind, But everything will be fine in the end.” Oh, how selfish I have been to think that I am nothing When you’re out on the roads, out in the cold, Where we throw our dignity! And yet, you still have hope for this world. “Just know you’re worth something All it takes is faith. I can only hope you have learned.” [[Category:Christian_metalcore]] [[Category:AS HELL RETREATS]]

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