Apathy For Apologies-EVERYDAY SUNDAY

Last week you said you’d never do this to me But now I’m sitting here wondering why I’m on the shelf again I know you want to get closer to me But I don’t want to go on if you really do not want this I hate to sound so jaded But it seems like nothing’s changing My apathy for apologies is getting stronger No, I can’t take this any longer So why don’t you figure out if you want this or not I know I said that I forgave you But I don’t want to see you go through All this pain of messing up this night over again Today you took back everything that you said And I’m trying so hard to forget all the lies that came right in, crashing through your teeth But I can’t say that I’ve been much better So here’s this letter And over again, is what it feels like I don’t want to sit and watch you live a lie [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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