[Words & music – Kirkpatrick] [Romans 1:20, 1 Corinthians 2:9] There is a beast that does exist Not just a myth – the facts persist Known from the dead that washed ashore From modern graphs to old folklore Not yet one ever seen alive Though scientists and divers strive Architeuthis – show yourself to us Among the largest of the planet The giant squid – the architeuthis How can this massive creature Escape the hordes of searching eyes Escape the wisdom of the wise Escape the sonar, the bathyscaphe Returns with countless plotted graphs Architeuthis – show yourself to us I know God I’ve never seen Not merely just a wishful dream Alive, nut not for us to see But living in the hearts of men So great is His love for us Yet many seekers look in vain If you will set aside your pride, your arrogant facade Then you can enter into grace Architeuthis show yourself to us Let us gaze at your haunting frame We know you’re real – no longer conceal What bloated corpses already revealed The last of the giant living mysteries Architeuthis – show yourself to us [[Category:TOURNIQUET]] [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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