You`ve been sent an invitation, the writing`s on the wall You know it`s gonna be a party, the biggest of them all We`re here to rock for you and make the message known And if you`ve got the guts, we`ll show you the way home Are you ready ? You’ve been summoned to this moment A heavenly decree, it`s not by chance or fate that You are here to see, you`re looking for an answer To your life`s regrets, the answer`s clear to see Are you ready to be set free ? He died for you and me, take his hand and you will see That your past and all your cares will fade away You thought there`d be no happy endings but now you know the truth There`s nothing left but pride to stop you The love of god’s come through, tonight`s the night for your salvation You know what you must do, just give your life to christ And see his power to renew – Are you ready ? [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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