As The Curtain Falls-OVERCOME

Dime a dozen for your thoughts think that for yourself your mind is a shell allowed to rot. Opinions generate from your latest friends and scenes. Never go against what your friends believe. I heard you laugh. Now where is your laughter as this world falls through and under? It falls apart at its seams. All your hopes, all your dreams. You never thought to find some truth. Just accept there are no absolutes. You knew too much to care at all but, where will you be when the curtain falls? Now it’s all too late, you can’t go back you can’t rechoose your fate. You had your choices, you had nothing to loose. But, now you lost your choices, you have nothing left to choose. If nothing else, put the blame on your friends. Knowing very will it was all in your own hands, the curtain falls some surprise, the curtain falls, now your world dies. You don’t have to follow all of your friends. You don’t have to go along with all of the trends. You don’t need to be a part of it all. Where will you be when the curtain falls? [[Category:Overcome]]

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