As the World Burns-DOGWOOD

When will idle contradictions cease to exist? Sit back down and do nothing to resist, Pontificate assistance without intent to act, The U.S.A. is Jill and now Jill is Jacked! We’re all sopposed to live in unity. We’ve given up on how its intended to be. Why isn’t there any harmony? I just want to point my finger and say it cant be me. You point one finger, theres three pointed back at you. The cliche actions speak louder than words is so true. Nothing will be acomplished unless initiated. The Star Spangled blue, white, and red, is now faded. When resistance became acceptance we failed to question why. No one stood up to stop it, they just turned a blind eye. So they sat back and complained about all thats gone wrong. The world wont change its sinful ways. Turn to God before it’s too late! [[Category:Dogwood]]

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