Battle Dancing Unicorns (With Glitter)-FIVE IRON FRENZY

Shut your face High school jerks We’re about to show you how this works Are we cool? Laser beams We’re about to awesome all your dreams And you’ll say, “What are you, some kind of computer?” And we’ll say, “A cyborg pimp from the future.” And I’m going def for sheezy I’m feeling a bit uneasy. Let’s get this straight: Oh yeah, we are the champions We’ll be battle dancing Unicorns Oh yes Battle dancing unicorns It’s not too late You could gamble on the Heavy hitters While we’re battle dancing unicorns With glitter Twelve-o-clock? Party rock We’re hip- hoppin’ and we can’t quite stop Aggro hair Grizzly Bear Bet you’ve never met a thousand-aire Then you’ll say, “Whatever, I think you’re moronic.” And we’ll say, “Not really, we’re only bionic.” And you’re still in high school But have to acknowledge That we are professors at Robot Spy College. To be what I just can’t Impale myself upon the horns I’m fighting just to be relevant I’ll battle dance some unicorns I’m battle dancing unicorns, With glitter. [[Category:Five_Iron_Frenzy]]

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