Battle of the Bones-FLATFOOT 56

The time has come old boy for me to tell you a tale of a man filled with passion there’s no room for him to fail he sailed his ship the Lidy Hoo, across the seven seas with his crew screaming at him, lead us on, sir, if you please One day the Lidy Hoo sailed across rough waters this sea said, "oh captain can you save your sons and daughters?" the captain grabbed his mighty wheel and screamed what you got, I’m the captain of the Lidy Hoo can you handle her or can you not? Yo, ho, ho at the battle of bones, you sail the seven seas but you’re never getting home Well the sea answered back, old boy where have you been I’ve been waiting for a fight like this since time first began so prepare yourself, and get ready for your death ride I’ll be taking you down to Davey Jones with your cargo and your pride Well they tossed and turned for ’bout an hour the ship went around, and then she went downward the captain reared his ugly head touch you have won, t’was my pride that was my downfall, and now our dual is done [[Category:Flatfoot 56]]

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