All the oceans and the seas know the sound Of Your beautiful voice And if You tell them to be calm and be still They have no other choice You put the stars in the sky and then You taught them to shine They know just what to do Every morning’s a symphony that’s perfectly timed Thanks to beautiful You Beautiful You I can’t imagine life without You Beautiful You I can’t imagine being alone Beautiful You The only thing I ever wanna do Beautiful You Is have You hold me in Your arms Beautiful You All the waterfalls know just where to fall Brilliant every time When it rains, you are behind it all With gentle rhythm and rhyme Mountains high know Your voice And they are ready to move where You tell them to With all my heart, I believe that I can do the same Thanks to beautiful You Every ocean, every sea Every morning’s a symphony Every drop of rain, every waterfall All the stars in the sky are so beautiful Every breath I breathe, every beat of my heart I feel so alive ’cause of who You are Every day I rise, every time I sing I’m reminded of Your great love for me You’re beautiful, so beautiful Beautiful You I just want to be around You Beautiful You I can’t imagine life without You Beautiful You There is nothing that I can’t do Beautiful You When I build my life around You Beautiful You [[Category:Monk & Neagle]]

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