Billboard Justice-CRASHDOG

human commercials for billboard justice hand in hand with the merchants of lust ingraining us since birth with a fasion of rejection what does this perfection have to do with us? (chorus) don’t wanna talk like you don’t wanna see like you don’t wanna judge like you don’t wanna be like you human beauty must be redefined don’t wanna talk like you, see like you judge like you, be like you get your sickness out of our minds even those excluded are suckers for the ruse we’re all guilty parties in this nonsense pursuit our misshappen, man-made, pretty sensor weilded like a knife beauty is the phantom in the opera of real life (chorus) have you seen the spirit fall in a child? rip my eyes out of my head before i’m part of that bone structure is stupidity, outer forms have no validity when they over-power everything we are (chorus) [[Category:Crashdog]]

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