Bless Me (Prayer Of Jabez) DONALD LAWRENCE

Chorus 1: Bless Me Bless Me Oh Lord BLESS ME INDEED ENLARGE My Territory Oh Lord bless me INDEED I Pray For Increase BLESS ME INDEED I pray for increase Chorus 2: Increase Increase Oh Lord BleSS ME INDEED Enlarge my territory Oh Lord Bless me Indeed I Pray For Increase Bless Me Indeed I Pray For Increase Chorus 3: Keep your hands upon me So no evil can not harm me Sunshine or rain Sickness and pain Leader says at the end) Lord I humbly come to you Chrous 4; Enlarge my territory (repeat over to the end leader adlib in it) Ends with Oh lord bless me indeed I pray for increase Bless Me indeed I pray for Increase Bless Me indeed They say that loud: I PRAY FOR INCREASE!!!!!!!!!!!
[[Category:Gospel music]]
[[Category:Donald lawrence]]

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