There’s a teacher in a school room Somewhere on the edge of town Telling innocent little children what we used to be They look and listen without a question They see the pictures passed around Making facts out of a theory and they all believe As the lost lead the way Another heart is led astray [Chorus] These are the days when the blind lead the blind And there’s one narrow way out of here So pray that the light of the world will keep your eyes clear ‘Cause it’s a dangerous place here where the blind lead the blind There’s a preacher in a nice church Anchored in the heart of town People flock to hear his eloquent delivery He talks of Jesus how he can please us But the cross cannot be found Makin’ theory out of facts until they’re all deceived And the lost lead the way And more hearts are led astray [Chorus] This is a dangerous time And the truth is hard to find So let His word light your way And guard every step you take [Chorus]
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