Brand New Love I’m waking up from the longest sleep From a place with shadows all around me arrested by a love so bright Illuminates my world and pushes back the night I’ve never felt like this before So throw the doors wide open I’ve found a brand new love A love that lifts me up Stuck on the tip of my tongue Cos words are not enough I’ve got a brand new love Blue skies open up,
a new day has begun Cos I’ve found a brand new love Life used to be all about me Like the world was spinning on my gravity But what was then has become undone In the house of love,
theres only room for one The things I had I’m letting go So I can hold on to you lord You’re my perfect harmony You’re my sweetest melody You’re the moon and stars and sky You’re the reason my heart beats You’re the lover of my soul You’re the peace I’ve never known You’re the song that sets me free You’re everything to me

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