Broken Chromosomes-TOURNIQUET

[Words & Music: Ritter] I want to take my life today I don’t belong here anyway My God if you can hear me now See if Your hand can reach this far You stopped playing father As soon as mom conceived The only time we touched Was just before I screamed The gift that keeps on giving Your father gives to me History repeats itself Now history meets me So what if I’m retarded Mentally delayed I’m sorry for annoying you But I was born this way You speak so much better Got an aerodynamic face Mega-babes and tons of friends So why show so much hate Vultures are circling again My open wounds are food for them Oh God if you will reach your hand You can deliver me from man But I’ll get up I’ll get up Watch me get up Men fail me… But the Son of God saves When I’m face down And I’m scared and lonely You are by my side I’m talkin’ face on the ground My back is painted with footprints You’re the only one That hears me cry I seek I find just one name By which a man can be saved And He comes before My tears can dry Now I’m not alone No I’m not alone And I’m free now cause I’ve got no pain to pass on [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]] [[Category:TOURNIQUET]]

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