So much potential lost You were given every chance in this world But you watched them all pass you by Look with in your heart not through your eyes I’ve reached out to you for some time But you’ve never taken hold It’s still not too late to make a change Every step leads to your grave We were making a difference We were side by side Standing tall above this world Held together against the tests of time This commitment is my deliverance From the thoughts that say I’m weak From the place inside of me That forgets my strength and beliefs So much potential you’ve lost It’s still not too late to make this change One chance to turn it around I can’t stand seeing you this way There’s no wasted choices here Your life is the one you lead Think of your heart and the strength you need Because there are still things that last forever This battle is fought day to day The enemy tempts us we must abstain Friend, family and the ones I love Stand with me and make the change SO NOW’S THE TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE A CHOICE FOR LIFE NO TURNING BACK [[Category:XDEATHSTARX]]

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