I did a really stupid thing I really messed up big time Please forgive me I crash and burn and bleed And now I am dead Okay not really I know you wanna drag me To the ground And tell me how I messed up And to sit down And that’s not me But its just my fault Don’t try to cage me Or save me I am a wild thing I am a creature And I need your Love for a wild thing I’ve got issues That’s for sure But its why you kinda like me I know it boy You can’t put me in a cage You can’t put me in a cage I am fearless when I see you I am crazy happy lucky If you’re close by A basketful of sunshine Til’ I’m uninspired And then I die Oh why you wanna pretend That I’m fine That everything’s okay One day I’ll get it right Well that’s not me And that’s all your fault Oh Let me out, let me out [[Category:Plumb]]

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