== VERSE 1 ==

I will hold your hand,
love As long as I can,
love Though the powers rise against us Though your fears assail you And your body may fail you There’s a fire that burns within us And we dream in the night Of a city descending With the sun in the center And a peace unending
== CHORUS ==

I will carry the fire for you
== VERSE 2 ==

And we kneel in the water The sons and the daughters And we hold our hearts before us And we look to the distance And raise our resistance In the face of the forces Gathered against us And we dream in the night Of a king and a kingdom Where joy writes the songs And the innocent sing them
== BRIDGE ==

sing on,
sing on When your hope is gone Sing on,
sing on (Light up the darkness) And we dream in the night Of a feast and a wedding And the groom in his glory When the bride is made ready

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