Carry the Light-4HIM

Anyone who comes to You Anyone at all With arms wide open Anyone who reaches out Any time at all With a heart that’s broken You will be the shelter You will have the answer For anyone who ever Cries out In need I believe there You will be I stand on Your promise Your love is forever And I believe with all my heart You are my water Holy savior You are the comfort when my world falls apart Into the ends of the earth And for the rest of my life I’ll carry the light Anytime I turn to You Anytime at all I find You waiting Waiting for the chance to help me Hold me, heal me Show me just how amazing Life can be when you know what it is to be free To be free Over the mountains, into the valleys Crossing the ocean, I’ll carry the light And through the darkness To all the hopeless for the all the broken I’ll carry the light [[Category:Contemporary_christian_music]]

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