Ride Of Life-4HIM

The wheels of life are turning I feel I’m rolling down this track And I know down deep inside my heart I can’t look back And though it’s hard discerning All of the fiction from the fact You have led me to this truth And we have made a pact And as we go through highs and lows And all that’s in between It’s good to know we’re not alone on this big scream machine CHORUS This roller coaster ride of life Lifts you up and lets you down This roller coaster ride of life Spins you round and round … Continue reading Ride Of Life-4HIM

What Do I Know-4HIM

I make it my firm policy To make my bed with honesty So, I don’t sleep with shadows in the room The truth is I’ve been holdin’ back The way I feel about the fact That I’m not as close as I want to be with You There’s still so much more of You I long to know and I won’t be content until I do CHORUS ‘Cause what do I know If I don’t really know You Though I may blow the minds of men How can I say that I know Anything of love Unless I find it … Continue reading What Do I Know-4HIM

Lay It On The Line-4HIM

So don’t go wastin’ your time Holding on to your life There are treasures that I have possessed Meant the world to me But they never filled the emptiness I needed something more than these In the middle of my wilderness God reached down to me When I let go to His tenderness I found this life was more than I ever dreamed So don’t go wastin’ your time Holding on to your life Just lay it all on the line Gotta make up your mind There can be no more compromise Just lay it all on the line It’s … Continue reading Lay It On The Line-4HIM

Land Of Mercy-4HIM

This is a strange familiar place Where I am living The world that was and what’s become are not the same I see the evidence of grace Without forgetting How far I’ve had to come to get me where I am today If justice had the only say Well I would not be here Cause less than anything is more than I deserve But I can put the past away For I’ve discovered There’s nothing left to judge, forgiveness is the final word CHORUS Everywhere I turn I see compassion but I’m learning I’m just a fallen man In the … Continue reading Land Of Mercy-4HIM

The King And I-4HIM

The sun is rising and once again The morning finds me on my knees On the days horizon I gave got An invitation to see the King Far away from worries that weigh me down I am taken to holy ground To the place where mercy and love abounds There in the midst of His throne I know in my heart this is where I belong CHORUS Where the King and I go walking together Side by side in a heavenly place Unaware of time in the land of forever There in His. [[Category:Contemporary_christian_music]] Continue reading The King And I-4HIM

Window With A View-4HIM

Sometimes I’m caught in a struggle But you go straight to the hurt Before I call out Your name I find your mercy is already at work Where could I hide from Your spirit Why should I run from Your love For you’ve walked my heart Every secret part There’s nothing I can cover up No there’s nothing I can cover up CHORUS Through Your window with a view Straight into my soul Nothing in creation Is hidden from Your window with a view How else could You know what we’re going through There is no mystery to You You’ve … Continue reading Window With A View-4HIM

Sacred Hideaway-4HIM

There’s a shadow I can’t see From a holy canopy That my Father spread for me When I’m strong or when I’m weak When I wake or when I sleep He is watching over me Over me….. Over me To the temporary mind I can’t logically define This love cover so divine Just beneath what lies between What is real and what is seen There is a refuge in His wing In His wing… In His wing CHORUS I have found a secret place Where I can go to hide away Safe inside this hallowed space I am concealed by … Continue reading Sacred Hideaway-4HIM

Let The Lion Run Free-4HIM

I can dream the dream The dreamer lives inside of me It’s just that way And I can only reach What I believe ’cause I can’t reach Beyond my faith No, I’m not limited By what has always been It’s time to break this status quo And take a leap and jump out of my skin CHORUS Break these chains Open this cage Let the lion run free Destiny awaits Beyond these gates Let the lion run free Let the lion run free Oh, to face the jungle Of impossibilities And have no doubt To trust what I can’t see … Continue reading Let The Lion Run Free-4HIM

The Voice Of God-4HIM

I have dreamed of being Moses Standing on the mountain top When he heard the voice of God And I admit that even sometimes I’ve imagined I was Paul on the road to Damascus When he heard the Savior’s call CHANNEL But though I have never heard God’s audible reply I hear Him speak unspoken words of life CHORUS I hear His voice Every time I hear a newborn baby cry When I hear the sparrow singing At the dawn of morning light I hear His voice When I hear the thunder echo through the sky When I hear the … Continue reading The Voice Of God-4HIM

The Little Drummer Boy-4HIM

Come, they told me pa rum pa pum pum Our newborn King to see Pa rum pa pum pum Our finest gifts we bring Pa rum pa pum pum To set before the King pa rum pa pum pum Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum So to honor Him pa rum pa pum pum When we come Little Baby pa rum pa pum pum I am a poor boy too, pa rum pa pum pum I have no gift to bring pa rum pa pum pum That’s fit to give a King Pa rum pa pum pum Rum … Continue reading The Little Drummer Boy-4HIM