Way To Glory-AVB

We don’t have to speculate on where we came from We don’t have to guess as to why we exist God has made it clear through the Word He gave us Made it very clear though the struggles persist Chorus: We have found the way, we have found the way We have found the way to glory Jesus is the way, Jesus is the way He’s the only way to glory We are not intelligent beyond our measure We have just received what He chose to reveal Everything we see on this earth is fleeting What we cannot see is … Continue reading Way To Glory-AVB

Jehovah Is Our King-AVB

We will not serve your god Jehovah is our King Chorus: We will not serve your god (We will not serve your god) We won’t bow down before your image We will not serve your god (We will not bow) Jehovah is our King! Nebuchadnezzer had built him an idol of gold- It was 90 feet high (and it was 9 feet wide) He gave the order that everyone fall down and worship- Or else they would die (Shadrach, Meshach) Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego (would not bow down) Would not bow down they just firmly said no! Repeat Chorus Furnace … Continue reading Jehovah Is Our King-AVB

Someone Special-AVB

You’re someone special (Yeah) You’ll never amount to anything at all You’ll never fit in, never find your place No talent to use to make it in this world No one who’ll need you Plain to see that you’re plain, no beauty No way that someone would Want somebody like you who comes From the wrong neighborhood, no money, no life No one who’ll love you Their words and actions have you thinkin’ there’s no destiny For someone with your background, looks, and personality God made you who you are to use you in a special way Don’t believe the … Continue reading Someone Special-AVB

Ignorance Ain’t Bliss-AVB

(Spoken) This is a song about perceptions, paradigms, and politics Borne out of the prejudices that plague us as a people Get the point? Then lets proceed… Ignorance ain’t bliss when it comes in the form of a dis Prejuidice and racial perception from a distance breeds misconceptions A man’s skin color ain’t the place to start You gotta get close, get into the heart Otherwise, there’s a lot you’ll miss Prejudicial ignorance sho ain’t bliss Get this Chorus: What makes you think he would let you get by Using ignorance as an alibi? Think again, there seems to be … Continue reading Ignorance Ain’t Bliss-AVB

Spiritual One Night Stand-AVB

Your heart is high tonight You feel like doin’ right Your faith is outta sight, you’re gonna hold on tight Never felt like this before Didn’t know there’s so much more Now you’re really gonna soar, You’re walkin’ through the door But tomorrow when the pressure’s on You undo the things you’ve done So many promises and now there’s none Chorus: It’s a spiritual one night stand (spritual, spiritual) Love is here today but gone tomorrow (here today, gone tomorrow) Peace and joy right here in your hand (peace and joy, peace and joy) But you leave it all behind … Continue reading Spiritual One Night Stand-AVB

Spirit’s N Da House-AVB

In the house! A-ha ha ha, ha ha! Spirit’s in the house Makes me wanna shout Makes me wanna sing, Jump and dance about (Spirit will make you Jump! Jump!) Spirit’s in the house Leading our praise Worshipping the Father In many different ways Spirit’s in the house Deep in my soul Father, Son, and Spirit Making me whole Chorus: Spirit’s in, It’s in the house It’s up to us to arouse Your feeling of His indwelling (Spirit’s in the house!) Spirit’s in, It’s in the place Get up, no time to waste Oh feel it, don’t conceal it Spirit’s … Continue reading Spirit’s N Da House-AVB

I Need You-AVB

(My life, My love, my life My love, My life) (You are my life) (My love, my life) You are my love (You are my love) You are my light (You are my light) You are responsible for everything that’s right So I’m not sure (So I’m not sure) What else to say (What to say) Lord, You fulfill my needs in life You are the Way (Lord you are the Way) Chorus: I need You (There’s no way that I can live without You) I need You (So much love and tenderness about You) I need You (I can’t … Continue reading I Need You-AVB

Silent Screams-AVB

Lost in a room full of unfamiliar things (unfamiliar things) Blindly struggling to find some relief Bound and gagged by circumstance How will anyone hear my screams? (hear my scream) Chorus: Silent screams, they echo in my darkness (echo in my darkness) Seeking, yearning for an answer to this fight (answer this fight) Broken dreams and broken hearts Tainted ways right from the start Alone if not for the painful reminder (painful reminder) All the failures that I’ve felt in this life (in this life) They crowd my mind like a hurricane My soul drowns by the force of its … Continue reading Silent Screams-AVB

I Attribute-AVB

Thoughts of adoration (adoration) as Your past enters my mind Things mankind did not deserve, You did in perfect time I think of the sweetness of Your love (of Your love) no one has yet to taste Tears stream down mine as I try to seek Your face Chorus 1: In this world there is only one freedom (only one freedom) In this world there is only one life (only one life) In my heart there is only one hero (only one hero, He’s Jesus) I attribute everything to Jesus Christ (my Savior, my Savior, my hero, Jesus) You come … Continue reading I Attribute-AVB