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Someone Special-AVB

You’re someone special (Yeah) You’ll never amount to anything at all You’ll never fit in, never find your place No talent to use to make it in this world No one who’ll need you Plain to see that you’re plain, no beauty No way that someone would Want somebody like you who comes From the […]

Ignorance Ain’t Bliss-AVB

(Spoken) This is a song about perceptions, paradigms, and politics Borne out of the prejudices that plague us as a people Get the point? Then lets proceed… Ignorance ain’t bliss when it comes in the form of a dis Prejuidice and racial perception from a distance breeds misconceptions A man’s skin color ain’t the place […]

Silent Screams-AVB

Lost in a room full of unfamiliar things (unfamiliar things) Blindly struggling to find some relief Bound and gagged by circumstance How will anyone hear my screams? (hear my scream) Chorus: Silent screams, they echo in my darkness (echo in my darkness) Seeking, yearning for an answer to this fight (answer this fight) Broken dreams […]

I Attribute-AVB

Thoughts of adoration (adoration) as Your past enters my mind Things mankind did not deserve, You did in perfect time I think of the sweetness of Your love (of Your love) no one has yet to taste Tears stream down mine as I try to seek Your face Chorus 1: In this world there is […]

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