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I don’t want to be broken anymore Living life in a million pieces I can see my world is changing Waking me from my sleeping I hear You calling, it’s speaking my name I will never be the same I can feel my heart beating within Finally I’m breathing again Won’t let this chance go […]


I’m standing in your pressence So why am I so numb Could I be too jaded To be overcome I’m tired of all my half beliefs And walking in my sleep Chorus: I want to feel crash into my heart I know your real but we are worlds apart God I’ve had enough of a […]


If you want to feel all alone Walk away Try to find a home for your own Walk away And I’m not keeping score But I’ve seen it so many times before Put your bags down this time around Chorus: Stay with me I have all you need You’ve tried everything, yes everything Now just […]


I am a stone Stuck here in the ground Holding onto nothing Why Is comfortable uncomfortable right now? I was made for more Chorus: California, far from me Across the desert to the sea A million miles away to Somewhere I don’t know Lift my feet from where I stand Down the street to foreign […]

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