Outstretched hands, I see them as I crawl On my knees and hands, yeah Heart of strength love me after all All I need is you my Lord How I love the way it feels when You are leading me Through the valley of love I am Yours I’m not my own Breaking down this heart of stone On my knees before Your throne LOSE!…your life FIND!….your self STAY!…the course Run the race that He has given you GO! To the Word of God where you find the source It’s His written voice, yeah In the quiet place A still … Continue reading Run The Race-BLOODGOOD

Father Father-BLOODGOOD

I’m hanging on a tree, ‘cause I love You Walking on the sea, ‘cause I can I’m comin’ to visit, I’m not going to stay I’ll be out of here, in just a few days Now my arms are wide open to embrace The pain that I have is raw and real But the joy! Outweighs the disgrace Father, Father you know how I feel If you hear what is right, then you refuse I’d rather follow in Yis sandals, then to be in your shoes Father, Father Where are you now? Seated on the throne at home. Welcome, Welcome … Continue reading Father Father-BLOODGOOD

In The Trenches-BLOODGOOD

Digging in the ground, load another round, fix your bayonet Devil wants your ?, gotta know your worth, destiny is set How ya gonna stand, how ya gonna hold, how ya gonna win the fight? Put aside the hate, put aside to bad, gotta do what you know is right In the trenches! In the trenches! How yah gonna grow, how you gonna learn, don’t you know the trials are near? Fall down on your knees, wisdom is the key to take away your fear In the trenches! In the trenches! If you believe…don’t be afraid If you believe…fall on … Continue reading In The Trenches-BLOODGOOD


Say the word and you’ll be free Say the word and be like me Say the word I’m thinking of Have you heard the word is love? It’s so fine, It’s sunshine It’s the word, love In the beginning I misunderstood But now I’ve got it, the word is good Spread the word and you’ll be free Spread the word and be like me Spread the word I’m thinking of Have you heard the word is love? It’s so fine, It’s sunshine It’s the word, love Everywhere I go I hear it said In the good and the bad books … Continue reading The Word-BLOODGOOD

StreetLight Dancer-BLOODGOOD

Homeless, Delinquent, Defenses Surrounding his real feelings and personality Not shaven, no clean, a sideline player, you know what I mean Sonata, no lyric to his music It’s a crime, it’s a down right shame It’s a dirty deal in a cooked game It’s a lie and he’s not to blame He’s a victim and he’s just been framed He’s a brilliant boy looking for an answer But no one will employ a streetlight dancer It’s a shock, it’s a jolt that kills It’ll open your eyes when blood is spilled It’ll tear and rip at your heart When a … Continue reading StreetLight Dancer-BLOODGOOD


Like tongues of fire lick up straw The doomed go down into the dark The last remark on dying lips Breakaway from the fingertips He stretched out His arms to hold you Gave up His life to know you Lamb of God Christ the Lord Lamb of God On His knees He washed our feet Poured His blood on the mercy seat Told us to love one another Lay down your life for your brother Born of a virgin Water to wine Taught in the temple Healed the blind Holy Spirit Fruit of the vine I am yours You are … Continue reading Lamb Of God-BLOODGOOD


We don’t live by bread alone But, by every word You say Lost and found That lovely sound Is showing us the way You know the world will tell you, “Satisfy yourself” The most important thing, is you and no one else And everything you own and all that you consume Will not be able to keep you from the tomb I want to testify and need to tell the truth And as the years go by I’m further from my youth And that’s just fine with me These lines are living proof We don’t live by bread alone! We … Continue reading Bread Alone-BLOODGOOD


God gave Jesus a revelation And the Lord sent His angel to John The faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead The ruler of the kings of all the earth The one who loves us and has freed us from our sins His blood has washed clean and now He’s coming So shall it be, Amen Seven: the number of churches Seven: the number of spirits Seven: the number of lamp stands made of gold Stars and seals, the number of horns The number of eyes lookin’ at you: Seven… seven The number of the crowns The number of plagues … Continue reading Seven-BLOODGOOD

It’s Alright-BLOODGOOD

Now the day has gone away You’re sitting in the dark When you say you are that way You are because you are With the tongue your mind can speak Your will is strong when it should be weak From your heart you overflow How you feel is what you show Oh it’s alright, Yeah it’s alright Oh it’s alright by me Oh it’s alright, Yeah it’s alright Oh it’s alright by me Soon you’ll say you have to pray ‘Cause praying is a start Good for you ’cause I have to pray, too I feel it in my heart … Continue reading It’s Alright-BLOODGOOD

Top Of The Mountain-BLOODGOOD

I remember when you came knocking on my door I wouldn’t let you in I kept hiding but you kept trying And now my life is so much more Hold me and believe me, on your Word I’ll stand Love me forever, make me understand Every morning my heart is singing of your love Renewing my soul I will praise you and lift my hands to you Lord I’ll never let you go Search me and know me on Your word I’ll stand Guide me and hide me in Your mighty hands I will climb to the top of the … Continue reading Top Of The Mountain-BLOODGOOD