Night of the Fury-WARLORD

Soaring through heavens with fire and steel The Predator spies out for enemy kill ‘Tis the Night of the Fury, the nation’s at war With Spirit and Nighthawk, a thunderous roar And where does the terrorist flee? Are his caves and his compounds free? For the Night of the Fury brings Death and Hell The Night of the Fury comes out of the void With Hellfire missiles, the Falcon’s deployed There’s no sign of worry, there’s quiet and still Then out of the heavens comes lightning to kill And where does the terrorist flee? Are his caves and his compounds … Continue reading Night of the Fury-WARLORD


Father, if all I can be is a man And all I can ask of you Father, my Father How can I be of your plan? Send me a sign from the heavens In riddle or rhyme Descend from the skies of forever Pray give me a time For I have reached the end of the line Defender of truth and of freedom Am I living a lie? I render my fruits to thy kingdom Pray give me sign For I am weak, how long can I fight? Father, when can I see you again? And when can I be … Continue reading Father-WARLORD

The Holy Empire-WARLORD

In the life that we live there is hardship and sorrow. The pain that we share is but one and the same. We fight to survive in a world that is hollow, But where do we go from here? Yes where do we go from here? In the life that we live is there hope for the morrow? The stain of our sins, they have blackened our name. What will it be, should we beg, should we borrow? The keys of the kingdom to be, Yes the keys of the kingdom to be. By force and by chain, the world … Continue reading The Holy Empire-WARLORD

Battle of the Living Dead-WARLORD

The morning has come with the dawn of the sun, and the masses arise to the day. They meet their despair in pointless travail, lost in the eyes of the world where Death is the stage. For Mammon they live, to themselves they will give, of treasure and gluttonous pride. To Self they bow down, they worship their crown, alive in the eyes of the world, but Death lives inside. Arise, my friends, arise! The sword is the spirit of life, Awaken your souls, that you may never die! In the Battle of the Living Dead [[Category:Warlord]] Continue reading Battle of the Living Dead-WARLORD

Enemy Mind-WARLORD

Life, I know it so well It’s sorrow and tears and death An abode of hell My living hell . . . Tomorrow I fear my breath Will forever fail Life, a moment in time The years of a man they vanish Into shades of night The shades of night . . . I fear my soul will be banished To the realm of sighs And who will descend to show me the light? And who will remember me in my plight? The sins of the soul will rise The alien lie is in you Forever you will fight The … Continue reading Enemy Mind-WARLORD


We descend from the belt of Orion Our life-giving star has come to an end Civilization is dying We deem to survive, we search for a land And we’ve explored the galaxies There is just one place we can live and breathe So we will overthrow the race of man His way of woe and hate command We are Invaders from afar, a dying star Arise and see, the earth in ashes . . . We sail through the system Solaris With thousands of ships in the speed of the light Hail to our leader we cherish Our weapons of … Continue reading Invaders-WARLORD

My Name Is Man-WARLORD

My name is Man, from dust I stand, A newborn song, a story. Upon this land, Almighty hands, Hath filled my eyes with glory. The life I breathe, a Force unseen, Reveals all that I am . . . My Name is Man, My Name is Man, My name is Man . . . Behold the crystal rivers feed the oceans Celestial sphere of solar fire drinketh from the sea And the fountains in the sky pour life on every seed. Behold the womb of earth brings forth the mountains The canyon walls so grand they stand, before the valley … Continue reading My Name Is Man-WARLORD

Sons of a Dream-WARLORD

We are the pen, we are the mind, we are keepers of the light, We are the fools, we are the free, we are Sons of a Dream. I dream about a season I sleep inside a place where I am free – and wandering. I roam the deepest canyons I soar the highest skies that I might see – my fantasies. I am the seed of a vision I am the one who forsees I pray the world will remember, some day the world will believe . . . I live inside your reason I breathe your thoughts, I … Continue reading Sons of a Dream-WARLORD

70,000 Sorrows-WARLORD

In the fields of the flesh there was battle When the Sword of the Lord came to take me back My spirit burned with fire, my eyes were full of tears The Lord moved with power He came to find me when I was lost He took my sins to a mountain and he nailed them to a cross In the years of my youth there was battle When the legions of Hell led the main attack My life was full of horror, my mind was full of fear The Sword slew with power The legions lay on the battle … Continue reading 70,000 Sorrows-WARLORD


When I was young, I cast aside the shadows of my youth And I lifted up my eyes to the skies I spread my wings, I sailed the seven seas For Glory and all that it seemed And through my love, I passed inside the hallows of my heart And I lifted up my cries to the heights But no one cared, No one even dared And Glory evaded my dreams Now I tell you this tale, this story When I set my own sails for my dreams In the Author of Life I found Glory And the honor and … Continue reading Glory-WARLORD