Fly Away-PAX 217

This is the new real this is the new seen. This is the outcome the end of the story. I hate flying ’cause the glory scares me. I ain’t flying even though you dared me. I’m only in this for the declaration. We only rock it for the celebration. I was made, I was made to give. I was made to give glory here forever. Don’t want to fly away. Don’t want to fly. Splatter ink on a page in such a clear way. So we communicate. Break down the stage. But I don’t want to fly the plane that … Continue reading Fly Away-PAX 217

Melody-PAX 217

So be my melody. So be my, so be my. Give me one more melody, so I can see my world spin free. Oh me, the infant singing out a key. My ignorance brings me to Your feet. I could never be a thing without the melody. That’s in me like a symphony. So rearrange and make the change with this failure of calamity. I Am I Am increase, You are You are release. And I believe that one day I will be free. Free from all the worries that fight to bring me bruises. Free from all the frustrations … Continue reading Melody-PAX 217

Dream Away-PAX 217

It’s gonna get better. I hope this letter is a hope for you. It don’t, it don’t, it don’t matter where you come from. ‘Cause we all we all we all will find the same pain. So what I say to you is; don’t fight this war no more. Just let the Healer, let the Healer be your healing. It’s better for you to lift your head than take the worry to bed. So rest assured and dream away. For tomorrow when you wake. What you had asked for, is what you’re getting today. So dream away. It don’t, it … Continue reading Dream Away-PAX 217

Forevermind-PAX 217

Hope you relate to me when I say I won’t let you out my mind I had a little dream and the dream went like this A little bit like this I had a little dream and the dream went like this I saw two little girls sittin’ both without a wish Saw through Your heart and through Your very eyes To the holes the size from lies Oh yes indeed cuz things have been mixed and twixed In with the recipe And it’s gotta be fixed, hey yo I’m talkin’ to you And me and everybody We sound a … Continue reading Forevermind-PAX 217

Killjoy Holiday-PAX 217

1 year 1 year we stompin’ 2 years 2 years we stompin’ 3 years 3 years we stompin’ 4 years 4 years we stompin’ You still beatin’ the 415 You still beatin’ Never gonna get it Today’s a holiday You won’t stop My joy is electric Never a generic The mood is eccentric We rock eclectic (We rock it hectic) Today’s a holiday You’ll never have my joy [[Category:PAX_217]] Continue reading Killjoy Holiday-PAX 217

Tonight-PAX 217

Tonight! can you hear us. Tonight! we are movin’. Pack your bags, preparation to move. We see the coming of our God oh so soon, and so i ask you what did you do, what did you do last night. While every one of us thinks we got it got it together, we’re seekin’out things instead of comin’together, we need to focus on the things above cause the things, below will never fill us up. We’re movin’, yeah we’re movin We’re movin’ movin out Tonight! Can you hear us! Tonight! We are waiting! Tonight! Can you hear us! Tonight! We … Continue reading Tonight-PAX 217

Voices-PAX 217

Sing it loud and clear. We’re the voices. This is who we are. We’re the voices. We are not a scene but come bearing. Songs of freedom like Marley to the masses. We are all diseased and tearing. We see the people dying daily and it grabs us. We are not all clean but come wearing. Fronts and facades that raise the odds of you and I serving other gods. Which leads to destruction, selah. We are all obsessed with comparing one another to each other and it scares us. One at a time we need to find our identity. … Continue reading Voices-PAX 217


My position, occupation facing dirt earth check my worth. While cleaning Johnny on the spots for some spending cash. So I can by my girl some flowers at last while I fast and learn the past. Yet I’m still sacrificing nothing in america wearing my nike cortez. Eating anything I want in my fridge. So listening to the words that my mother says: "this is the land of the free and the home of the brats." Just like me but I don’t want to be like that. You can’t control even a second of your soul. Cause what you think … Continue reading PSA-PAX 217

Sandbox Praise-PAX 217

Bring it back with that bass line And let me bust another one of my quetion rhymes What ever happend to play in the Little kids buildin’ castels all they understood Thinkin’ but not too much about the box where they sat Was their world and all that was in it was good Playin’ all day ’till the street light came on And momma call you home for spaghettie and meat balls say a little prayer adn a bath good night Life so simple return to the next days It was back to that sandbox praise Sandbox praise So dig … Continue reading Sandbox Praise-PAX 217

Prizm-PAX 217

Oh I got something that you all could get In life it’s been given Called the Prizm shows its colors And on the 17th day of the 2nd month Come a come people let the flood gates open Come oh people open Precipitation formed Colors of freedom a gift of Prizm Red orange yellow blue green and indigo Is the flag or freedom Remind me of the sin to go Away away the promise remains The same yesterday as it is today Fall of man and fall of rain came Down from the heavens to cleanse you and I month … Continue reading Prizm-PAX 217