We Come in Peace-THE INSYDERZ

What’s the name of your group again? Aren’t you that Christian band? I can move to the groove cuz I think it’s smooth But the words that you tell got me hot as hell. You can do what you do and that’s fine by me But don’t try to pry or baptize me Life just sucks, then you die So I wanna make sure I give it my best try We’re not part of a crusade Not waging Holy War We don’t damn your soul to hell my friend That’s not the plan or what we’re here for We just … Continue reading We Come in Peace-THE INSYDERZ


My wings you cannot see If you could you might think twice They aren’t very beautiful They’ll never be snow white. My hands are not pristine My nails are all chewed off But they’ve laid upon the sick and weak While prayers were whispered soft I’ll never be that golden crown I’ll never be a story to tell Like an angel with dirty wings Caught between Heaven and Hell. These eyes have seen things No one should ever see Death and Lust, Hate and Fear Etched in memory You see I’m very far from perfect More like wretched if asking … Continue reading The Dirty Work-THE INSYDERZ

Like Drawing Blood From a Baby-THE INSYDERZ

My soul crashed down with the poke of a pin To drain the vein of the life within The tears streamed down That precious skin And I held you close I soaked you in All she’s praying for Is some peace, a smile, a cure Something we all know All to well That panicked scream That stuttered cry That gasp for air Those bloodshot eyes That tiny stab That look of fear That search for hope Your daddy’s here Dear God give me peace As she battles this disease All glory goes to you And when we’ve walked through that … Continue reading Like Drawing Blood From a Baby-THE INSYDERZ

Jesus is a Friend of Mine-THE INSYDERZ

Jesus is a friend of mine. Jesus is my friend. Jesus is a friend of mine. I have a friend in Jesus. Jesus is a friend of mine. Jesus is my friend. Jesus is a friend of mine. He taught me how to live, my life as it should be. He taught me how to turn my cheek when people laugh at me. I’ve had friends before, and I can tell you that, He’s one who will never leave you flat. He taught me how to pray, and how to save my soul. He taught me how to praise my … Continue reading Jesus is a Friend of Mine-THE INSYDERZ

Patron Saints of Underdogs-THE INSYDERZ

We’re unprofessional, we’re the monkeywrench From the burbs of the D a real rag tag bunch We’re like the Boondock Saints, the chosen few We know this game and what we have to do Guided by God his words we grasp As we walk with a smile through the valley of death We’re ready to go for what comes our way We’ll be the super heroes of today We’re the Patron Saints of Underdogs We start the fight when we’re against all odds When you’re down and out one thing is true We’ll be there for you We exist on … Continue reading Patron Saints of Underdogs-THE INSYDERZ

Another Sleepless Night-THE INSYDERZ

I don’t think I’m gonna sleep tonight I don’t think its gonna be alright I just wish this world would spin A little slower now and then No more punching in and out No more questions. I can do without All the frustrations of life that come with growing up When will I grow up? This world is eating me alive If I can make it through tonight Please God, let me see that sunrise I’ve lost a step and I’m slowing down I feel my best when I’m laying down My body aches from everything When did I make … Continue reading Another Sleepless Night-THE INSYDERZ


Well I know its hard to think and its hard to believe That we’re back from the dead and we’re back on the scene once again Yeah, back from the dead We’re out of the shadows and we’re back on the street Getting ready to march to our planned destiny Yeah, Our Destiny Its the road less traveled but it goes by to last Father give us your blessing let us make and impact Yeah, your words last God Almighty be with us God Almighty in you we trust May all the saints and angels be with us As we … Continue reading God Almighty-THE INSYDERZ

Seeing Voices-THE INSYDERZ

Power surges through my veins Like a lightening bolt through a metal chain My eyes glow white like bright headlights My fingertips crackle like sparks in the night I feel the chills on the back of my neck My hearts about to jump out of my chest My eyes overflow with tears of joy And my body goes limp like a child’s toy. My body’s engulfed by flames My clothes burn off but I feel no pain I ignite like a stick of dynamite I know the blast is coming but I feel alright Everything that I see is a … Continue reading Seeing Voices-THE INSYDERZ


This thing that is eating their lives away They know what’s coming but they don’t know what to do No need to panic ‘cause they know where they’re going No need to cry Lord they’re coming home to You With this evil comes tremendous wisdom You see life for what it is and what it’s not They gave hope to all that met them They gave me hope when I was with them When I close my eyes I feel like I am flying You hold my heart You hold my soul I look up to You as I rocket … Continue reading Chosen Few-THE INSYDERZ


We all know one and one makes two But I am nothing without you You’re my everything You’re my everything I’m quick to anger and you’re slow to speak My temper rages and you turn your cheek Everyday I pray to be more like you I’m so glad you’re my better half The silver lining to my whole mess I’m so glad you’re my better half I’d be doomed I hold grudges and you pass our smiles You give me the look when I get wild What would I do Baby, without you You’ve softened me up I’ll admit to … Continue reading Better Half-THE INSYDERZ