Get out on the water, Get out on the lake. There’s something you’ve been missing And it’s time that you partake, In a V-hull on some waders, It don’t matter what you use, I’m a fishaholic with a pole And I’m ready to abuse! From the bass to the bluegill, From the walleye to the trout, The buzz that’s going through My bones is what it’s all about. I got blisters on my back From sittin’ in the sun, And subzero jigging Is where the frostbite is from. If you ask me why, I don’t think I could explain, But … Continue reading Ichtheology-CRASHDOG


sit yourself down and pull up an easy chair here’s what we are try not to stare a deficient attention and sexual distortion this is our share, this is our portion remove restraint and repress discretion a mockery of liberation (chorus) renounce material captivity proclaim the kingdom of Jesus Christ can dreams center on this gaining obsession? success, lover, longer life, mine, more, possesion the lovely, civilized, driven man i know you, i hate you, become you i can (chorus) like battered children we’re ducking out we seen you clear and we’re turning about the shelter we seek is not … Continue reading Proclamation-CRASHDOG

Violence Of Love-CRASHDOG

when you were disappeared, a part of me went too the consequence of my silence was mostly felt by you revealed to poor and simple, hidden from those so high above the only violence that can set us straight, the violence of love (chorus) no ambition for power therein lies our freedom no man is named our enemy therein lies our freedom the violence of Christ is our victory somewhere in the tortures God takes the victims place one all will be told the names, the times, the place i’ve lost my taste for vengence, though it surely comes for … Continue reading Violence Of Love-CRASHDOG


pray, Christian, pray, O that the fires of your hell might warm the dreams of the poor all is well, all is well nothing is well when the weak are held underneath slow your words, let ’em cease, careless chatter will not bring peace (chorus) the kingdom of God is in our midst silently crouching, now it sits waiting for it’s people to awake seek the wave before it breaks build, Christian, build, O if only the guns of defense that you store, discerned justice and secured all is well, all is well nothing is well when a child goes … Continue reading Liberation-CRASHDOG

Millstone Co.-CRASHDOG

word to the corperate bosses and the future elite a simple message from us to you to bring before your master’s feet written in the blood of the meek of this earth the ones you’ll climb upon to gain the rights of your birth (chorus) there’s millstones in your future bleached bones and gnashing teeth tombstones coming soon you sold us out…you sold us out sold us out, saw the future, turned your head, death’s distibuter the gifts that you bring us, they thrill and numb the mind our downfall awaits us at the end of your assembly line your … Continue reading Millstone Co.-CRASHDOG

It’s A Boy’s Life-CRASHDOG

Eatin ants Burning bugs Pour some salt on a herd of slugs Jump in puddles Play in dirt Count to ten with Ernie and Bert Being free Being me Climb a tree And skin my knee It’s a boy’s life Chasin girls With a slimy frog Making houses out of Lincoln logs Taking naps that I’d rather not Eatin candy till my teeth will rot Being crazy running wild Acting like I’m a monkey’s child My blood boils My heart pounds My feet move to the punk rock sound My mind spins My arms flail I find the words And … Continue reading It’s A Boy’s Life-CRASHDOG

Life To Right-CRASHDOG

They were saved from The butcher’s blade Where do they go from here? They were spared of The holocaust But what is life When hope is lost We’re all just numbers Dead or alive When our existence is based On our chance to survive They wake to face The daily grind Can someone tell me Where’s their right to life? If we shut down the clinics Do you think we’d be done? Abortion’s a symptom of a Disease we won’t cure We gotta open our heats We gotta open our homes We gotta give them a reason For a child … Continue reading Life To Right-CRASHDOG

Mommy’s Little Anarchist-CRASHDOG

You paint A’s on the cans But you still take out the trash You hate the government But you still accept cash You’re mommy’s little anarchist With your toy guns Let’s go blow up mailboxes And have some fun You’re mommy’s little anarchist You call the food fight An overthrow Talk real big With nothing to show Just don’t exist We don’t need no Anarchists If anarchy ruled Daddy wouldn’t hold your hand No more cotton candy No more Disneyland Just people taking Everything you own By then it’s too late To cry, "There’s no place Like home." [[Category:Christian_Punk]] Continue reading Mommy’s Little Anarchist-CRASHDOG


American justice Is a contrary phrase When a criminal is sentenced But the innocent pays The guilty are pampered Their rights protected While the victim gets life And is left neglected Who makes the laws? Who fills the jails? Who breaks the laws? And who holds the scales? An innocent man Convicted of a crime He was black and poor At the wrong time It’s not a mistake It’s not judicial error It’s simply a system that don’t care As long as justice and mercy Are held in the hands of mere men In this twisted land Guilty or innocent … Continue reading Who?-CRASHDOG


Life unfolded for a Beautiful young girl She had everything to hope for In this hopeless world Her life was stopped By a shotgun load They found her body By the side of the road For no reason No rhyme Just another senseless, Violent crime At the wrong place At the wrong time No reason, no rhyme The newspapers print The people read The ink turns dry But my heart still bleeds Questions racing Through my head Who’s to blame Now my sister’s dead The rain pours down The heavens cry The truth sinks in We were born to die … Continue reading Kirsten-CRASHDOG