Selfish Americans-DOGWOOD

Rotting from the innards out. Another decade and they’re vanishing. What is it to you? What is it to me? There’s nothing we can do so I’ll just leave it the same. Stolen from our sight and mind. Swept under the rug. No shame. Oblivious to the poverty and we’re the ones to blame. Consumers venerate the power to take away. It’s burning ever closer killing them everyday. The pleasure to disregard it. Those children feel the sting. Conversely we forget them with every passing day. They’ll never go away and here we stay. Oh Oho. Selfish Americans. Recognize their … Continue reading Selfish Americans-DOGWOOD

Sunsets Are But Once a Day-DOGWOOD

Hello my friend. It’s good to know you’re looking after me. On this day I’ll plummet to the sea. In my next life will you keep me warm? Keep me warm. Listen whin I tell you, sun, the reasons are so clear. The irony is that no one is here. When you’re by my side, I’ve got all my friends. But veracity gives me a tender glimpse and then I’m left with nothing. Goodbye my friend. I’m glad I got to share this world with you. Our affinity is now through. In your next life can I keep you warm? … Continue reading Sunsets Are But Once a Day-DOGWOOD

Your Tongue Is the Deadliest of Arrows-DOGWOOD

Possessed by the pawn. Affect a secret smile. Challenge your poison. Your vigor is my trial. Weary when you wait executive degree, process to restrain. The fate you have for me. You make sure what you’re running to. You made sure what you’re running from. Forces divine, they’ll grow weak in time. The treasure we both came to find. Don’t separate what falls in line. Your tongue is like a fire. Wish I could contain. With sharpened, poison words. I walk into this flame. Tinted by your ruse. Accustomed to your schemes. With wile and detriment. And still I let … Continue reading Your Tongue Is the Deadliest of Arrows-DOGWOOD

Trailer Full of Tragedies-DOGWOOD

The apartment is empty. The pictures have left their marks on the wall. Nothing has ever taken so long. Moving away a new horizon to look at each day and I’ll try not to hold on. You practice your packing, the trailer is crammed with memories dear. Only the highway bears your pain. Count your blessings let the future now outweigh the past. And why would you look back? Live life perfect. I admire the strength that you both have. I pray for you. Timing, everything, all that you have everyone loves you. And we too. Memories trail behind start … Continue reading Trailer Full of Tragedies-DOGWOOD

What Matters-DOGWOOD

The message still the same. The prayers always change. A vivacious group of friends, one thing that we share. End result is life. Forever isn’t long when you can’t measure time. Everlasting pride. Seems you’ve heard this message a hundred times before. The point is that we need to live forevermore. No agony in discourse. No wallowing in dread. The choices that you make will matter when you’re dead! We’ve always got our friends to gather in this fight. There’s pressure coming in, from every shape and size. Now is not the time to fall bellow the mark. We have … Continue reading What Matters-DOGWOOD

Lonely Road-DOGWOOD

left your arms, no turning back. I chose this lonely, lonely road. I’m on my way. I don’t need you. A self sufficient superstar. I’m losing faith. How I miss home. This life is costing me my own. What can I do? Where can I run? The world against me soon I’m… Down in my heart’s where I hide you. Yet where I go is where I find you. I’ll never be ashamed of you. I’m sorry I’ve forsaken you. Easy to see, I need your will to carry me. There’s not a thing that I can do. Realization I … Continue reading Lonely Road-DOGWOOD


I killed the Son of God today. I built the cross where He was slain. My sins, The hands that held the hammer that drove the nails through His skin. Someday I win. I want to make it up. I want to die to myself for You. It makes me fall apart, When I think of all that You went through. I owe my all to You. (I owe my all to You) Chorus: Because when it came to do or die. You died for me, Though I would be nothing perfect, For human eyes to see. My hands are … Continue reading Do Or Die-DOGWOOD

Point Counterpoint-DOGWOOD

Has time forgotten my face? Stilled, I’m not through. I feel I’ve myself to blame. I can’t escape your name. All of it, my own shame. I feel time moving on. Small words and big motives all so untrue. And I’ve nothing left to say. You’ve taken my words away. Save for another day when we’ll be different now. Time for another way. Suffer my own mistakes. Dream of another day when you’ll think different. Why did you go away. The sun won’t come out today. You’ve taken my world away. Why did you go away? [[Category:Christian_Punk]] Continue reading Point Counterpoint-DOGWOOD


All on my own, It was just like the first time, This could be the worst time to be me, Spare me your thoughts, Your position’s decieving, I wish it would lead me to my own, I tried to be strong, I learned to carry on, But people are happy just being sad. Call me afraid, It isn’t so easy, It’s always been easy to be weak, Over my head, Like the water that chokes me, You’re my only hope, That’s what I have. You’re my only hope, That’s what I have. Hand you my heart, Give you my hand … Continue reading Singular-DOGWOOD