You don’t have to place your bets, What you see is what you get, Sorry if you wanted something more. I’m trying hard to sleep this off, Damage from a one late midnight talk, You must think that I can’t read your mind, We both know it’s not OK. Maybe I’m outta line, With the way I live my life, But here’s the truth, so are you, You’re a walking book of secrets and I’m, Never gonna ever let you make me feel ashamed, Cause you’re the same. Now that I’m cropped out of shot, You can have the life … Continue reading Book of Secrets-ELEVENTYSEVEN


Oh hear me please, Whisper from beyond what I can see. Serenity, Flowing from your lips and into me. I breathe, I believe. I breathe, I receive. Suburban Love, All you’ve been thinking of, All you’ve been dreaming of, Everyday. Ecstasy, Suburban fantasy, It seems so hard to believe, In a dream. You take her as your queen, Make her royalty, Her spurs of melody are now the only songs you sing, She rewrites your dreams so ambitiously, The call, the fall, the whispered shouting, Your heart can’t breathe without her. Suburban Love, All you’ve been thinking of, All you’ve … Continue reading Suburban Love-ELEVENTYSEVEN


I know something’s wrong, ‘Cause your staring out the window, And your one word answers give it all away, If you can read my face, I’m lost in outer space, And I’m looking for a clue to bring me back to you. ‘Cause we both feel the pain, We just say it different ways, Hear my heart before you hear my lips. ‘Cause I can’t win this game, If I don’t know how to play. Don’t give up just try and understand, I’m doing the best I can. I know its been hard, And you get so frustrated, Looking for … Continue reading The Best I Can-ELEVENTYSEVEN


Remember back before all the drama Remember back before all of the bills and the degrees Every hill that we stood on felt like a mountain and every lake that we swam in felt just like a raging sea Shooting stars were still good for wishing on and old appliance boxes took us straight up to the moon every single day was a saturday and every night like clock work bedtime always came too soon and we knew… If we had problems band-aids fixed it Mom was always there to listen and every night we’d say our prayers to someone … Continue reading When We Were Kids-ELEVENTYSEVEN


You float just like an angel, Through my mind everyday. It’s like I’ve caught sight of the afterlife, And I think I’m on my way. You know It’s gonna take an exorcist, To send me away. I haunt you cause I want you. Girl, what else can I say? I haunt you cause I want you. Girl, what else can I say? Do you believe in me now, Or do you think you’re dreaming? I’ll show you how, You make me feel just like a ghost, Coming to life inside my host, Possess you like an overdose, Your ghost… I’m … Continue reading Ghost-ELEVENTYSEVEN