Gasoline-I AM EMPIRE

This is the end This is the end of the world If we decide to sit in silence This is the end This is the end of the world The mastermind will not erase us We could be free Live with no regret Pour the gasoline Burn it to the ground We are the blood We are the blood on your hands Faster faster guns and laughter We are the light We are the light you’re after Hollow embers come to meet your door [[Category:Christian_Rock]] Continue reading Gasoline-I AM EMPIRE


Labor is coming for me It’s coming for all of my daylight I’ll savor the best of my friends My lady Her kiss in the moonlight I worked hard to save up my pay But God did not say He was able To give me the life I deserve The comfort of knowing I’m stable I can’t relate to that promise You made Cause I’m tried and barely awake No I can’t believe in that dream of relief Cause I’m tired and always afraid To life my life without You Give me whatever I need To keep my head above … Continue reading Labor-I AM EMPIRE

The Mastermind Is Me-I AM EMPIRE

Run to the door Rip out the floor I never thought the dead were right beside me My friends always said I live in my head Truth is I trap myself till no one understands Give me the time to take back what’s mine How could it be the mastermind is me? Give me the time to take back what’s time How could it be the mastermind is me? Cold and alone the sun might explode Oh, is there anything to motivate me? The best of my days are wasting away Truth is I like the fight but God I … Continue reading The Mastermind Is Me-I AM EMPIRE

Daylight-I AM EMPIRE

Lock up my words Let them wilt away like cancer in a jar There’s a death in my heart Something tears me apart each day And if daylight never comes then I hope you’ll at least close my eyes If I saw you today I would lie just to say I’m fine I should have known you just a little more somehow But time ran away along with my smile If pain is a masterpiece then you are the ink in the pen I wish I could find a way to fix up the mess I’ve been There’s a whole … Continue reading Daylight-I AM EMPIRE

Blackout-I AM EMPIRE

Lost in the payments You cave in You cave in Fear of the master You’re washed out Nothing but a blackout Arrive tonight Arrive tonight I saw the man I saw the cancer Arrive tonight Alive to fight I saw the man I saw the cancer Taken advantage the moment advances to a private universe I found a way to die at bay You just never seem to go away I don’t know you Arrive tonight Are we alone I saw the man I saw the cancer Arrive tonight Everybody feels alone sometimes [[Category:Christian_Rock]] Continue reading Blackout-I AM EMPIRE

It’s Not Fair-I AM EMPIRE

Gone like a ghost Unlike most I was made from your bones. It’s what you stole when you left my mamma all alone. Every hero you were was shot to the ground. As if superman had lost his mighty mighty strength. It’s not fair to go and leave me behind and leave me behind It’s not fair to go and leave me behind and leave me behind No I didn’t know what to think when the call came that night. The motorcycles speed was no match against the semi truck. I sat by your side and prayed hope for life. … Continue reading It’s Not Fair-I AM EMPIRE

Encompass Me-I AM EMPIRE

Take your time This is just a fragile state of mind It’s something that you’ve never seen Don’t roll your eyes back Look straight ahead Lets catch us a glimpse Take time take in the moment As if we’ve never felt alive Encompass me and let us sing, We are the lost and found tonight. Say goodbye to everything you thought was your life It’s complex beyond, complex beyond the reach of your mind Hold your head up It’s what you need to keep the glimpse alive Don’t stop! don’t stop trying! Take time take in the moment As if … Continue reading Encompass Me-I AM EMPIRE

The Waiting Room-I AM EMPIRE

A simple reflection of the lips In exchange for me on the asphalt I caught the eyes of miss perfection and lost control I tried so hard to watch it fall over Over and over again Hold fast ambulance What is fair? I want what I can’t have. Ambulance, incredible the sound of the sirens. The footsteps grow louder like the sound of the monitor Wait just a little longer Looking at bright lights Everything goes to black The nurse may have the cure But the blood on my shirt was not my own And here I stand, in the … Continue reading The Waiting Room-I AM EMPIRE


When the planets align you’ll get your shot at the stars I hope you’re okay with that. I know it’s not what you expected, but I will perfect it. Just lay your time on the ground, Seek simplicity, and find your way back home. Carry on, Carry on, this is just the beginning. The second inning to the game Let’s just move along, move along as if nothing could stop us. Nothing can stop us now that we know where we belong. It’s just like you to walk away when things get too tough. I am, I am the constant … Continue reading Carry On-I AM EMPIRE