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humankind of an equal essence should be given equal participation equal access to information and knowledge be part of open society in an open world one portal that fits everyone’s expressions eliminating hierarchies within social construction and to cease governmental interference in order to achieve preservation of neutrality absolute power corrupts absolutely realization of an […]

Gestalt Principles Of Matter Perception-KEKAL

Finding truth in lies, reading between the lines. See through deceptions, sense through periphery. An intrinsic macrocosm, essential and constitutive, entirely in totality. Gestalt principles of matter perception. A multitude of perceptive decay. Reasons interact within acceptance, built into somatic habit and regularity. Unquestionable yet undecidable. [[Category:Christian_Metal]]

Isolated I-KEKAL

You are knocking at my private door Yes, you – the shadow of my very soul A covert companion in my part of darkness No common world-light shall connote to illuminate me Together, we travel into my deepest realm Together, we invert the law of material bliss I don’t need fake sympathy Let my world […]

Militia Christi-KEKAL

Erosions of minds, bodies, and souls… this world’s standard contaminate the life. Follow the material, philosophical, and the religious utopias. Enslaved by the darkness, visions become absurd, leading to a path of death where no one shall reign. Only regret and endless pain that exist. Overcome your illusions, join war against the powers, against principalities, […]

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