Rise rotten corpses from your graves and meet Him in the sky. Leave life’s burdens behind. I want to die. Take my life. I want to die to be alive. I can’t take this life, living in this lie. Come take me away with you tonight. Come take me away with you to die. Lord sacrifice me to bring you glory. Take me. Make me a warrior. I have stood your test. If I can’t go home with you, I will stand and fight. I’ve been through hell and back. I know you are the only way to life. Look … Continue reading Todd-MORTAL TREASON


There are thousands of people as far as the eyes can see; You can sense the suffering as you draw near Standing before them you can see the pain in their eyes It breaks the mind and weighs on the heart Standing before them you can see the pain in their eyes In their eyes now we are wading through this sea of souls The smell of rotten flesh brings me to my knees Now they gather, to march on to the grave With shovels in their hands, with death in their eyes Longing for a time of peace, longing … Continue reading Dig Your Own Grave-MORTAL TREASON


Awake to a demon’s cry Looking up to a darkened sky Seems like all that’s good has died Just trying one last time Fight hard, yet losing the war Standing so weathered and sore We know the end is near Yes, Hell is upon us Doubt seeping in From light to darkness, my world falls apart Losing faith, losing heart For the angel of darkness, he has come with sadness and oppression Hatred is born Through our weakness the angel gets in through which salvation is gone "About the process of backsliding or the spiritual view of neglecting God, and … Continue reading The Falling-MORTAL TREASON

Taste Of A Bitter Soul-MORTAL TREASON

I see the end of all life as death unfolds on us The wrath of God has drawn near, as we knew it would Our foolish thoughts and careless acts have brought us here and if we fall we die, so cold inside How the wind blows cold in the night She brings suffering one can’t imagine Those who lay down in wealth will do so never again And woe to the innocent whose faith is the sword whose faith is gone The last seed is sown and harvest begins Terror must be over Take the earth We have chosen … Continue reading Taste Of A Bitter Soul-MORTAL TREASON

One Hour From Forever-MORTAL TREASON

It begins with and endless darkness, awaiting that ray of light Suspended in solitude, anxiously waiting for that breath of life or the kiss of death No one knows the way the wind will blow To be conceived is to die To die is to live As the womb opens, it springs forth life Taking in all surroundings, big eyes curious and truly fragile God take this life Hold it in Your hand We can never know the true meaning of our life As a child we have dreams, though some never see another day The ground breaks open and … Continue reading One Hour From Forever-MORTAL TREASON

Call To The Martyrs-MORTAL TREASON

Mass murder for the sake of Christ. Time has come to live, to die, to pass away, to burn away. They’re beating me down. I feel no pain. Life inside this world has come. It lived. It died. It passed away. Now is the time for selfish annihilation. Hail Jesus, hail Christ. Hail to the King. Blood covered sight. Open my eyes. Why can’t they see you in this life? Life has cut me down to size. My heart is open. I can hear you calling my name. As you do, open my eyes. Your life reigns. I can hear … Continue reading Call To The Martyrs-MORTAL TREASON

Bride’s Last Kiss-MORTAL TREASON

Steadily it pumps, over and over, knowing only the present, past forgotten, futures unknown. Deep inside we all have fear. not knowing what’s next scares us all. If I could only overcome this beast. It has become my life’s goal. Your pills, your weak minds can’t heal me now. I must walk alone. Your thoughts of me, they’ll fade away. What’s real will remain. Why all that’s false rots away. Walk away from yourself. Spit in the face of all men. Turn your head up to the sky. Confront the coward that lurks beneath the shadows. Call him out. Slap … Continue reading Bride’s Last Kiss-MORTAL TREASON