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Miles Away-NARNIA

Can you hear them calling? Can you hear them crying out in hunger? If I could be strong Strong enough to face the lie within my life I turn my head and run Running for tomorrow Can’t face what I’ve done Can you hear me? Please forgive me! I cry Miles away A million tears […]

Enter The Gate-NARNIA

Getting closer to the end The final chapter has begun You can’t run, you can’t hide Face the truth, see the signs You are falling from the edge I saw the crisis in your eyes Working hard to survive One more day in fools paradise Enter the gate into the final mystery Forever my soul […]

Kings Will Come-NARNIA

What’s the meaning of things, such diamonds and rings When it all gets so predictable, do you wanna know? What’s the value of life when it’s ended by a knife When it’s all so unpredictable, do we even know? What makes the world go ’round? What’s in a lifetime? Kings will come and kings will […]


The day has come, they gather here The fallen angel and his army comes marching out of the deepest pits of hell They’re crossing the rivers, the mountains and sand Forcing the gates of the holy land Run away, hide way. The sky is burning Run away, hide away. Faces turning Fields of pain, tears […]

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