Abolition of Man-Point Of Recognition

Pressing the limits What will we allow Falling deep in moral decline Forsaking the truth When will we learn, what will it come down to Blinded to the pain we cause, there must be change The abolition of man Destitiute and immoral there is still time We can change the future Surrender our lives To God for a second chance [[Category:Christian_hardcore]] Continue reading Abolition of Man-Point Of Recognition

Subverting The Innocent-Point Of Recognition

how does it feel, when you look in their eyes. betraying their trust, subverting their innocence. you’ve grown so numb, to your sickened way of life. so cold inside, so empty and so hollow. your time will come you will give account. their blood is on your hands, your time will come. subverting the innocent, exploiting the pure. subverting the innocent, ruined lives of the young and the pure. [[Category:Christian_hardcore]] Continue reading Subverting The Innocent-Point Of Recognition

Day Of Defeat-Point Of Recognition

standing proud, sinking in depravity. speaking of death in total mockery. to proud to see your own misery. and you’ll suffer with the rest of humanity. this is your day of defeat. destruction will befall you, unseen, unexpected. consequences of open rebellion. the final day, his final word. your blood will fill the streets. no time for mockery and deceit, the truth is made known. day of defeat and you’re gone. [[Category:Christian_hardcore]] Continue reading Day Of Defeat-Point Of Recognition

Times Of Seeking Shelter-Point Of Recognition

Times like this I wish I could go back and start life over again now faced with the reality that the times are coming to an end. This pain I bear is the witness I’ve left, Jaw dropping looks recieved my actions don’t reflect the love of Jesus Christ. A new dawn is breaking, time to make amends, prostrated at the foot of the cross. Broken and crushed inside my spirit broken before you God my sins I can not hide I cry: shelter, from this pain I left behind, from this worlds pride, oppressed from every side, in my … Continue reading Times Of Seeking Shelter-Point Of Recognition

The Admiration Of A Son-Point Of Recognition

To watch you go, broke my heart, to watch you go broke my heart, as a father I couldn’t be prouder of a son. You came to me and asked to leave my side. To leave meant everything to you, to leave meant everything to me. I wanted to pour out my wrath when I saw them treat you the way they did. You took the pain and prayed for them and asked for their forgivness, they’ll never know how much you loved them. They rose against you they beat you down, they scoffed and mocked you they gave you … Continue reading The Admiration Of A Son-Point Of Recognition

Sin Revealed-Point Of Recognition

Wordly desires melt away as my heart turns to fire, fire for God, on fire for God. This pain that’s called my reality, is this God’s calling for me? Question of conformity bending to the world, sin revealed. God strengthen me, be my peace, repress my flesh, help me refuse conformity. Will it end or will you choose to hide the truth in the back of your mind to haunt you at a later time. Reality is unavoidable, Face it now and pursue the solution to your problems. Your solutions they lie at the foot of the cross. Accept the … Continue reading Sin Revealed-Point Of Recognition

Embraced-Point Of Recognition

Embraced. What you feel is the love of God. You ask why does it feel so strange. Because you’ve been loved by circumstance. This time you feel the love of God’s very hands. In the arms of God I feel protection away from this world away from rejection. In the arms of God I am made whole. For one I’m at peace with my own soul. If what you seek is to gain life, give it to God with no remorse, surrender yoiurself to God. Let the spirit take it’s course. Oh Lord take my hand and lead me through … Continue reading Embraced-Point Of Recognition

Closer Than A Brother-Point Of Recognition

To all I want in everything, everything I know is hallow, just when I needed you the most. Then I find out you could never be closer. Closer than a brother, struck down but not conquered. Fill me up Holy Spirit with your goodness and your grace. That I might walk in your footsteps and share what you’ve done in my life. Closer than a brother. [[Category:Christian_hardcore]] Continue reading Closer Than A Brother-Point Of Recognition