I used to live like there`s no tomorrow I used to think life was only a game Born to find that you`ll be gone tomorrow To be desolate liying in a grave I couldn`t count on the way I way feeling My heart condemned me all the time Then your love set me free from these feelings And now, now I can cry This temple`s on fire Oh he`s taking me higher This temple`s on fire It burns with a godly desire War waged upon my soul Since I found, I found the answer But the victory lies in the … Continue reading Temples On Fire-SACRED WARRIOR


I remember all the things you used to say The times we shared together, the many tears we`ve shed But now it seems as though i talk to barren walls I know someday I`ll see you again but `till then Oh sweet memories Oh sweet memories You always took the time to spend with me That`s how you taught me right from wrong I remember all you`ve done for me, you done for me When I needed you yeah you were there When it seems the scars of time would never heal I know you were by my side, your … Continue reading Sweet Memories-SACRED WARRIOR


As the dollar exchanges the hand of many There lie the poor who dream of having enough for today The rich control the government while the gangs control the streets It`s hand against the sword till the strong take out the weak It`s all a competition to see who will get the bigger bite Men driven by obsessions , the more they get the more they want To have it all, they gotta see they`re plagues upon the wall Blinding obsessions Blinding obsessions You gave up all your rights as you turnde to the needle And now you`ve gone so … Continue reading Obsessions-SACRED WARRIOR


Now while the others laugh and spit I think about just where I sit And where I`ll be tomorrow Living only to explore my every chance for pleasure But now I realize I need your grace I turned my head to see your face You don`t deserve this cheap disgrace When you leave here let me follow Please remember me Please remember me You’re a man who`s done no wrong Yet everyone despires you Yes crucify the king of the jews For my crimes I`ll do my time I dared to cross forbidden lines When you leave here let me … Continue reading Remember Me-SACRED WARRIOR


Well there’s people living for excitement They feel like it’s the only way of life Born with anger Life’s hell every hour From dawn to dusk they’re always on the run But if you think about it Every heart has some love A simple prayer might change the world We just can’t lock them up and throw away the key That’s not what we believe, NO Heading toward destruction Men of lawlessness Opposing the righteous in every way On a fine line So don’t take the chance The wicked man is doomed by his own sin But if you think … Continue reading Uncontrolled-SACRED WARRIOR