Judgment (Lynch, Johnson, Knowland)? Who knew the out come there Who’s seen the curse Who‘s in complete despair As things get worse God of day God of night He set the day unknown Judas kiss Motions set Israel all a lone Come Lord Jesus mercy Purge the earth Chosen before time To show the way Seeking God at night To crush the day Finding faith Finding sight The end game is in play Israel nights Tribes in flight Escaping judgments day It’s the end of the story From ancient of days into glory [[Category:Christian_Metal]] Continue reading Judgment-SAINT

Hell Train-SAINT

Words by DiMeglio / Lynch. Music by Johnson. Louie screams with laughter Has all the sin I’m after This train is long and full of pain The boxcars filled with sorrow Believe the lies that he’s told The train is empty and in vain Welcome come to a life insane Welcome to the hell bound train It’s dark and cold inside The sun it never rises When you ride the hell bound train He tells of warmth and praises The train is only mazes All aboard the hell bound train [[Category:Christian_Metal]] Continue reading Hell Train-SAINT

Zombie Shuffle-SAINT

Zombie Shuffle (Written and Performed by Josh Kramer)? Now it’s two A.M. The street’s cold and barren Rain comin’ down, he staggers by just starrin’ Young cold bony fingers, ragged soul-less and hardened In the search and the quest of a fix’uh in the back of a junkyard. And he’s goin’ back for more, doin’ the zombie shuffle He’s goin back for more oh. He takes an old crusty needle and stabs it in his arm. His heart begins to pound and he’s about to buy the farm. Staggering feeling like superman, aimless and flying high. Begs for some pocket … Continue reading Zombie Shuffle-SAINT

On and On-SAINT

The angel sounds his trumpet A star falls from the sky With key in hand to open And smoke it fills the sky From the cloud things appear To torment man to make them fear Oh the evil Seeking death but can not die Here the trumpet blast the sound On and on No relief to be found On and on The things were like a scorpion With accuracy they strike And cries of pain would rumble Through out the hellish night And the woe with all it brings Commanded by their evil king Oh Apollyon The king of death … Continue reading On and On-SAINT

The 7th Trumpet-SAINT

Take and measure the temple site Leave the courts out, out of sight Witnesses roaming and walking the wall Flamethrower mouthpieces devourer all Power to shut up the heavens and sky Striking the earth with their plagues till they die The beast who makes war will come up from abyss Ending their lives crushing them with his fist Their dead bodies lay The crowd they seem surprised They’re trading gifts and celebrate the witnesses demise But they don’t know the score three days down not one day more From the depths of hell they rise they set the bar and … Continue reading The 7th Trumpet-SAINT