Dirty hotel laundry rooms Old apartments, basic views We are the kings, we are the kings Never sleep and barely eat We can hardly catch a dream But it’s better than that nine to five No more cheap affairs No more sideways stares When I tell you where I’ve been last night No more cryptic notes of when I’ll be home You know you’re better off alone I hate to tell you this over the phone But there was Portland and Columbus Now that’s twice in a year Baby I’m a mess and you know, I’m out of control I’m feeling crazy when I’m all alone The kind of crazy that makes ya start shaking Saying things that you’d never say Maybe I thought we had a shot We’d get lost and burn up all of the maps And watch the world fall away 700 I owe you’s Holidays and birthdays too I’ve missed them all, I’ve missed them all Failed attempts at rendezvous, This is just a dying cause But we talked it out and made a truce Judging by the look on your face, you don’t get it Like every word i said was abandoned grace Staring at me like you’re amazed my bad habits are holding me up and away from you [[Category:Write this down]]

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