I am now what you seem. I don’t answer to you. Please understand what I mean. While it gives me a thrill, It’s all I can do, You realize that’s its all for you. This is the part, Where you’re supposed to be proud. I’d listened to reason, But he’s yelling too loud. It’s not important. Alive for a year. Love and acceptance. No one wants to hear me, Want to talk about it, Or want to be around it… Or want to be the one to give you my life. It’s not yours to take. You were my hero, But your motives are fake. Ten thousand people, Divided by one. And even still I have just begun, A struggle to grasp, All the knowledge at hand. I’d listen to wisdom, But he quit the band. Now what is left? Only a few. Look in the mirror, And see that it’s you. Who wants to talk about it? Who wants to be around it? Who wants to be the one to say? Just walk away. Not left for me to say. I’ve overstayed my welcome here. In a perfect world this song wouldn’t be. A man is lost. That man is me. I’m dragging my feet. I’m falling behind. You follow my pain and my mind. A to thought, My guest for today. I open my arms, To see you running away. It’s not over yet. I’m afraid it gets worse. We all have to give in And I’ll be the first, To want to talk about it, To want to be around it, To want to be the one to say… Just walk away [[Category:Dogwood]]

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