This thing that is eating their lives away They know what’s coming but they don’t know what to do No need to panic ‘cause they know where they’re going No need to cry Lord they’re coming home to You With this evil comes tremendous wisdom You see life for what it is and what it’s not They gave hope to all that met them They gave me hope when I was with them When I close my eyes I feel like I am flying You hold my heart You hold my soul I look up to You as I rocket towards the great beyond and I always knew that it was You The tubes pour out of their bodies Like some crazy road map of their lives Pumped full of more harm than good It drains every last drop of their life The is evil is a catch 22 it kills a soldier But witnesses to groups darn and butch were the chosen few They took their hits and gave glory back to You [[Category:The Insyderz]]

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