We’ve travelled many distances into the soul of wilderness, to place the mystery of man inside the power of your hand, And the sky will fall, ground will soar when our deepest loss overtakes us all, Will you embrace us in your light, before the day becomes the night? Here comes the rising tide, Here comes the great divide, Here comes the rain again, The cloudburst, the cloudburst, Here comes the battleships, Here comes apocalypse, Red rockets fall like rain, And the sky bursts, the sky bursts, Bring down the height of man, Bring on the future’s end, Send down the rain again, in cloudbursts, in cloudbursts. And the stars will fall around us all, before the crush of endless night, Will you consume me in your light? Bring down the stars, oh, God, Bring down the sun and moon, Tear wide the firmament with with cloudburst, with cloudburst, Then let your glory fall, Let every eye behold, Let every tongue confess you are God, you are God. [[Category:Christian industrial/dance]] [[Category:Mortal]]

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