Driven by fear, come let’s shed a tear At the table of brotherhood Rebel, Saint and Hero, all the colors of the rainbow In the palace of the soul there’s gotta be some good Unequal laws unto a savage race, it’s survival of the city The haves & have nots find mangled peace, tortured by racial history Some claim they’re villians by necessity and live by gun & knife It’s a world glazed with mad hostility when we beg delinquents for our life A heinous crime, somewhere in time, this mountain we must climb As we’re met by the: Colorline, It’s such a riddle Colorline, Caught in the middle Colorline, Oh Woe Colorline, A chain reaction Colorline, With no statisfaction Colorline, Oh No Revolution risin’, hypnotizin’, mad mobs on the go Rasin’ wild flags of justice everyone wants to lead the show One man said "I Have A Dream", another gave His life All men are created equal when, our true nationality is mankind Colorline, An evolution Colorline, Impossible solution Colorline, Oh Woe Colorline, Ain’t no pleasin’ Colorline, An age of unreason Colorline, Oh No [[Category:Ken_Tamplin]]

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