Comes Crashing-DOGWOOD

It’s picking time, Time for me to leave, And walk away from us. My feet are tired, Too tired to carry both of us through this again. On into nothing, Out in the open. I say goodbye in faith. I’ll wait. [Chorus:] Surrender your pain. Lay down your love. When I come back, And it all comes crashing down, The end– of your world — is closer than you think. My shattered heart, Is stained with memories, Of how was life to be. When giving hurt, The sacrifices made, Were not enough for me. I’m coming back, To rectify, All the pain, I caused you. Don’t shield your eyes, Face tomorrow on your own. Failure to reason, Endless confusion, The unanswered question, Is why you’re on my mind? [Chorus] Incomplete without want, Want is what I know I can’t have, Left alone to argue, The only arguement that I can win. Yesterday has past you, That day that we thought we had, Incomplete without you, I want you to know. [Chorus] [[Category:Dogwood]] [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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