Complain-POOR OLD LU

Did you see my hands were tied? I pierced this Savior’s side Well, what have I done? (What have we become?) And more words to run it thru To crush anything in You And to trip it up It’s simple though i’m tired Been unmoved, uninspired Did you see my eyes were blind? To even know what I had to find Much less count the cost (Or count me for lost) Insane for another day So all is all right, okay I trip it up It’s easy though I’m mad Weathered so and sad… To see the lies in me And why (I never try) But I’ll stand (displeased) so cheap Did you see my mouth was closed? Of the priceless fill I know Not a word to say (I spoke anyway) Well, I cried for an inside An inside to realize Oh, how tripped up It’s different though, i’m strange I’ll never, never change… Did you see my head was dead? To any right or good that’s said Would I bow? (Could you learn it now?) Sick for a little hope Hope that’s a choke and joke Christ, trip me up I really see I’m free When You carry me… To see the lies I believe And why (I’d ever try) And I can pray (so) deep received [[Category:Poor Old Lu]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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