I think I’m about to go off Max Weinberg kicks the show off Wit, charm and a devious smile We’re gonna be here for a while tonight He is the only guy we turn to For our celebrity interviews Red hair that’s never going anywhere All I can do is sit and stare Don’t bother me cause I don’t care tonight Oh, Conan can’t you see You’re the one for me? Conan, don’t you know You’re my late night TV hero? I wish and hope and pray he might Let me be a guest on the show tonight Talking about anything and everything Oh, golly how I want to be A part of his hilarity tonight And I don’t mean to sound like a jerk But you’re the only show that still redeems your network Oh, Conan can’t you see We were meant to be? Conan, don’t you know You will always be my hero? [[Category:Eleventyseven]]

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